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  • Radianting elements for 5G Backhauling Systems 

    Mustacchio, Carmine; Crupi, Felice; Arnieri, Emilio (Università della Calabria, 2021-09-09)
    5G will have to support a multitude of new applications with a wide variety of requirements, including higher peak and user data rates, reduced latency, enhanced indoor coverage, increased number of devices, and so on. ...
  • SiGe BicMOS Building Blocks for 5G Applications 

    Calzona, Domenico; Crupi, Felice; Boccia, Luigi; Arnieri, Emilio (2019-01-18)
    SiGe BiCMOS semiconductor technology has been increasing its application domain especially for the development of complex microwave monolithically integrated circuits (MMIC) required for modern telecommunication systems. ...